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Xbox Live Gold Subscribers: NBA 2K17 Is Playable In This Weekend

As an Xbox Live Gold subscriber, one of the nicer benefits is periodically having free access to leading titles. On Xbox One, you’ll have opportunity to play NBA 2K17 for free on this weekend, and more details also gradually surfaced, regarding the latest patch, here is its version 1.05. Some players have a habit of periodically buying NBA 2K17 MT.


The Cleveland Cavaliers court floor has been updated to match their new 2016-17 design, The Golden State Warriors uniforms now have the #42 patch in honor of the late Nate Thurmond Authenticity improvements to a large number of uniforms Post-release shoes will now dynamically appear in your game mode saves when starting a new mode or when using a custom roster created after Oct.15

It’s worth mentioning that you can hang onto all Gamerscore as well as achievements, at the same time, by managing to amass, you have chance to playing for free. For the game saves as well as date will also carry over to purchased games. At 9 am PST on Friday, November 18, 2016, the free play will be started, it will come to an end.

To that end, if you want to maximize your free playing time, be reminded of you that you need to get the game installed and running as quickly as you can. Be sure to take note though that you have to official sites to buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT PC.

Xbox Live Gold’s Free Play Days Included NBA 2K17

If you were an Xbox Gold member, and are you ready for getting NBA 2K17? you might be changing your mind quicker, speaking of the infamous NBA 2K series, the latest entry is heading to Xbox Live Gold’s Free Play Days Program, for active Gold membership, in order to make them get a full weekend to shoot some hoops. Are you now intend to buy NBA 2K17 MT PC?


The promotion begins Friday at 9AM Pacific time/12PM Eastern time, and runs up until 11:59PM Pacific time/2:59PM Eastern on Monday. That’s a lot of time to enjoy the game- and also decide if you want to keep it or not. There’s going to be much more of a reason to buy it than usual anyways, as you’ll be able to enjoy a discount between 30% and 40% off on the game.

Free Play Days aren’t demos or trials, so you’ll be able to check out the entire game for no cost (aside from your Gold subscription cost, of course). You’ll still have your save data and achievements if (or when) you purchase the full game, so there’s no reason to worry about having to pull off all your hard work a second time. Note: don’t miss cheap NBA 2K17 MT PS4.

This is happening simultaneously with the launch of the game’s 1.05 patch (which doesn’t include anything from the upcoming Fitbit promotion), which is a small bundle of changes. These include updates to the design of the Cleveland Cavaliers court, Golden State Warriors uniforms, and more. It’s not the biggest patch in the world, but it makes the game even more true to life than it already was.

Once the weekend begins, if you are eager to play NBA 2K17, and you just need to open up MyGames & Apps, followed by, you can navigate towards the ready to install section, more playable game waiting for you, you can experience so fun game via buying cheap NBA 2K17 MT.

NBA 2K17 Roster Update: Players’ Rating Have Been Changed

After Steve Nash was announced to be added to the ’02-’03 Dallas Mavericks and ’04-’05 Phoenix Suns, gamers are looking forward to more NBA 2K17 roster updates. Apart from the notable updates, the contract extensions were updated, too. 3pt tendencies and attributes were adjusted for players who have changed up their game.


Several other players have got changes to their ratings. These will be updated multiple times during the season. This is to ensure that the players in the game are accurate to their real life counterparts. Details are posted below.


Joel Embiid 80 OVR (+2)
Sergio Rodriguez 76 OVR (+2)
Giannis Antetokounmpo 85 OVR (+2)
Kevin Love 84 OVR (+2)
Isaiah Thomas 86 OVR (+1)
Avery Bradley 83 OVR (+1)
James Ennis 74 OVR (+3)
Dwight Howard 86 OVR (+2)
Hassan Whiteside 86 OVR (+1)
Kemba Walker 86 OVR (+1)
George Hill 80 OVR (+4)
Kristaps Porzingis 82 OVR (+1)
Nick Young 74 OVR (+3)
Larry Nance Jr. 77 OVR (+2)
Harrison Barnes 80 OVR (+1)
Sean Kilpatrick 76 OVR (+4)
Myles Turner 80 OVR (+1)
Anthony Davis 91 OVR (+1)
Tim Frazier 74 OVR (+4)
Tobias Harris 79 OVR (+1)
DeMar Derozan 88 OVR (+1)
James Harden 91 OVR (+1)
Kawhi Leonard 95 OVR (+2)
Devin Booker 81 OVR (+3)
TJ Warren 80 OVR (+3)
Russell Westbrook 94 OVR (+1)
Kevin Durant 94 OVR (+1)


Dario Saric 74 OVR (-1)
John Henson 74 OVR (-2)
Rajon Rondo 79 OVR (-2)
Jonas Jerebko 72 OVR (-1)
Terry Rozier 70 OVR (-1)
Kyle Korver 75 OVR (-1)
Justise Winslow 76 OVR (-1)
Marvin Williams 77 OVR (-1)
Derrick Favors 83 OVR (-2)
Arron Afflalo 75 OVR (-1)
Courtney Lee 76 OVR (-1)
Luol Deng 77 OVR (-1)
Brandon Ingram 78 OVR (-2)
Bismack Biyombo 76 OVR (-1)
Wesley Matthews 76 OVR (-2)
Kenneth Faried 79 OVR (-1)
Al Jefferson 76 OVR (-2)
Andre Drummond 86 OVR (-1)
Stanley Johnson 73 OVR (-2)
Kyle Lowry 85 OVR (-1)
Ryan Anderson 77 OVR (-2)
Eric Bledsoe 83 OVR (-1)
Brandon Knight 76 OVR (-2)
Victor Oladipo 78 OVR (-1)
Kris Dunn 76 OVR (-1)
Evan Turner 76 OVR (-1)

The roster update for NBA 2K17 should be available on all platforms. Unlike patches, these don’t take too long for you to install. More news about the NBA 2K17 Roster Update should be made available very soon in u4nba.com! Be sure to stay tuned for more “NBA 2K17” news, tricks, hacks, and cheats.