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MU Legend: The Challenge Is Usually To Level Up Your Characters Rapidly


On December 5th, the highly anticipated first set of PVP features have already been unlocked, enabling players worldwide to compete with each other in fast-paced, cross-server 3v3 battles. MU Legend, like its predecessor, it delivers an intriguing world exactly where there is much to find out even immediately after months of play. MU Legend is here for us to play and to entertain ourselves with. MU Legend provide you using the quite ideal game experience, atmosphere, and security, the wisest ways to collect more MU Legend Redzen, and looking for a website like U4GM.

MU Legend

To encourage players to take up arms, these 3vs3 matches earn PvP points to spend with dedicated merchants, including unlocking gems to improve equipment or the efficiency of pets. In addition, PvP victories are intended to fuel global rankings in which the most invested players can progress. What to add a system of progression additional to those already existing in MU Legend, while waiting for modes of play based on open PvP that the developer promises already.

The challenge is usually to level up your characters rapidly adequate so that you don’t incur unwanted setbacks that delay your discovery of this outstanding game. The great characters can adequately guard them through fast leveling, so you can love far more with the game. The game function between different servers allows players in specific regions to challenge players from other servers in the same region.

MU Legend has been demonstrating your hack ‘n’ slay abilities in an MMO environment. There are four different classes to choose from. But which builds are successful? Respectively, War Mage – Solo Build, Dark shadow and more. In the beginning, players try different builds and see how they beat the leaderboard. Whatever the case, you can view more tips and tricks at here.

MU Legend: Do You Want To Be A True Team Player That Can Help Anyone

In MU Legend, do you want to be a true team player that can help anyone out of virtually any situation? Choosing a the best character class. The most classes in MMORPGs have specific ranges of attacks, and only certain ones have area-of-effect attacks. In addition, the official launch of MU Legend’s open beta have already launched, this open test’s aim mainly is renew the game.

MU Legend

If you want to be a stronger player in the game, and make your character the way you want to. There are four classes for you to choose from, each with their own unique style and flair that you can customize to your liking. There’s the Blader, War Mage, Whisperer and Dark Lord. The Dark Lord is your average tank with a massive shield, lots of defensive skills and can either prioritize on party enhancing or on dealing a ton of AoE damage using blunt weapons.

The War Mage uses magic of all shapes and sizes and has a good variety of ranged and melee abilities. It is a highly mobile class that is very enjoyable to play. The Whisperer has an epic bow and is mostly the usual ranger slash hunter kind of class that kites and keeps a distance. The game is currently available in open beta, free. The servers will not be cleaned at the end of the beta and players will keep their characters and items, now, at U4GM, players are prone to buy mu legend redzen.

Games are our passion, so we’re very pleased to present the first PvP players to MU Legend. We are looking forward to the time when players will put their skills and equipment to the test in the first PVP fight. According to global operations manager, Webzen Dublin, while Webzen is working on a December update with PvP functionality, there are already plans for a new content and PvP features, to get more information through here.

The MU Legend Game Guide At U4GM Is An Extensive Guide And Tips

MU Legend is the successor game of MU Online, the story of the game is set before the events in MU Online, players are forced to travel time to the past. The MU Legend game guide is an extensive guide and tips that can help you when playing with an MMO. We provide a wealth of news and updates, such as underground systems, acquisition and improvement of equipment, acquisition and development of animal companions, visit the official website here.

MU Legend

The combat mechanism of the MU Legend is quite similar to Diablo III, especially in locking the view from the top down. It is noteworthy that the character’s skill system has a very fast recovery time, and in particular is not limited to physical attacks. character can spell skill on a continuous basis. The ARPG is aimed at PvE and PvP friends. Dungeon crawlers are just as much fun as players who like to compete in direct duel with other gamers.

A description of all available characters in the game, along with information on the gameplay and the suggested paths for their development. A detailed description of the underground system – the types of dungeons available, the impact of difficulty levels on potential treasures, and monsters inside or how to clean them. A series of tips on all aspects of the game, FAQ Chapters for answers to the most pressing questions, stay tuned U4GM, you will also have chance to buy cheap MU Legend Zen.

At U4GM, more information of including the characters in the game (Dark Lord, Blader, Warmage and Whisperer), showing its strengths and weaknesses, the way the game is played, and the suggested paths to their development. On top of that, According to the original story, your character has lost all memory, so from a heroic hero level of 100 weapons armed with all kinds of skills in the introduction.

Global OBT In MU Legend Will Be More Popular Compared To Previous CBT Test

For the upcoming Global OBT of MU Legend, in the coming months, the game team will continue to refine the translation of the 6 available languages. MU Legend developers will offer the public the best possible experience during the Global OBT. The Global OBT will aslo be an opportunity to discover new content. Players can explore solo or with friends a rich and vast world through an epic story.

MU LegendIf make a comparison between MU Online and MU Legend, MU Online is a free-to-play medieval fantasy MMORPG from Webzen. MU Legend is the highly-anticipated action MMO and the follow-up to MU Online. The former is an action MMORPG with a focus on dungeon running, combat-centric events, prize challenges, and fast-paced combat while the latter features fluid and impactful hack n’ slash combat, content that caters to both solo and party play.

MU Legend having already welcomed in a first phased of closed beta at the end of 2016, hence, it not hard to imagine that the Global Open Beta Test will be more popular throughout the world. For curious gamers, they have directly access to U4GM and see more information about the forthcoming Global OBT.

There some great MU Legend guides and tips, welcome to U4GM, it will help you along when travelling down the MU path. If you are an experienced player, U4GM can better your game more. If you’re a beginner, U4GM will be guide and make you know some more tricks. Apart from necessary tips, we will also offers cheap MU Legend Zen and MU Legend Power Leveling to gamers.

Guilds Are A Symbol In The Game-play Of MU Legend

Guilds are a symbol in the game-play of MU Legend, some guilds were created to unite friends, some were created to unite powers. It can be said that guilds play an important role in the game-play of MU Legend, it allows gamers to create their own little communities and help each others inside the game. How to buy MU Legend Zen & MU Legend Power Leveling at the lowest price.

MU Legend

Main guild goals are: leveling to 100, grouping with properly geared and focused gamers, epic dungeons and trading between guild mates. According to the developers of MU Legend, they are trying to provide gamers with an abundance of content to enjoy after reaching max level. Even if gamers have been in our game for long time, they aim to make sure the game can still feel refreshing and the content is enjoyable.

It is a simple task to create a guild in MU Legend. Richard Moon, Head of Global Business at Webzen, commented: ” we are happy to finally be able to give a taste of what will be new chapter of the MU continent. A world with millions of players from all over the global who have been with us for more than a decade. We invite players to the new and upcoming Open Beta Test to help us continue building our dream that is MU Legend. ”

The Open Beta Test will bring a new generation of MU to the global audience. It’s set for released in September in 2017. Gamers throughout the world can not wait to see its come. Further details regarding the Global OBT are yet to be provided, though we are hoping to hear more soon. For more information, head to here to find out more.

You’ll Level Up In Two Different Ways In Mu Legend

Mu Legend was one of the most remarkable games, nearly every lover of a good MMORPG will like it too, so what are you waiting for? It’s time to buy Mu Legend Zen & Mu Legend Power Leveling and have fun with this beautiful game. Mu Legend has beautiful graphics and very well done animations, and best of all, it has “light” specifications, it’s a truly worth playing gameplay.

Mu Legend

Mu Legend allows for a lot of customization in the progression of your character. While character creation is somewhat limited, you’ll level up in two different ways as you play allowing you to tweak the stats and playstyle of your character. Regular levels gain you new skills and allow the use of new gear, while Soul Levels get you SP and allow you to further customize a whole slew of stats from Spell Power to Movement Speed, Physical Defense, Magic Defense, and so forth.

The game uses the familiar eastern Combat Power score to track how powerful you are, which I assume will come into play with PVP and higher level dungeons much like WoW’s Item Level. Unlike Mu Online there doesn’t seem to be any PK-ing in Mu Legend. Mu Legend retains its essence, but becomes a product of a more current generation. Matter of factly, the game is to conform to the style of the current in various aspects, such as combat and gameplay.

Mu Legend is an action RPG with several levels of difficulty. It suits both the couple player, who prefers to focus on the PVE, with uncomplicated gameplay, and for those who opt for something more “hardcore” and want to invest in the character progression directed to PVP. To find out more about Mu Legend, check out here which includes more info, user reviews, screenshots and additional videos.

Mu Legend Doesn’t Share The Friends List Between Characters


Mu Legend is the most refined closed beta, the overall feel of the game is very good, the graphics, combat, item drops, character progression, class skills, dailies, rifts and monsters. The UI is smooth, the music is surprisingly good and the boss fights are interactive and fun but not overwhelming. Fun details and more newest graphics, news, reference to here.

Mu Legend

The game doesn’t share the friends list between characters. The game allows the players to skip quest/cutscene events that aren’t core storyline, but forces players to watch storyline events. Pressing Enter responds to the last whisper instead of sending a whisper to the last person sent to. This can be a big problem when you’re talking with a player and somebody else whispers you during the middle of the conversation.

The only thing missing from this game is a day/night cycle, but the reason for omitting such a feature may be to ensure zones consistently have the same look and feel when players are in them. The ragdoll physics are solid as the broken bodies of your slain enemies fly through the air and even impact on world objects or fall off cliffs. Animations are smooth and fluid while particles are average.

All in all, Mu Legend is comparatively successful gameplay, hence, if you are eager to experience the game, firstly, you should in an effort to find a credible Mu Legend Zen supplier such as U4GM. For seasoned gamers whose are always playing Mu Legend, U4GM is the only one supplier that is worth to trusted by them.

Mu Legend Is Truly Long-awaited Sequels In This Genre


Mu Legend, sequel to the cult classic Action/MMORPG Mu. Initially, the game was created under the name Mu 2, but in the course of development it was changed to Mu Legend. The novelty of Webzen inherits many of the original ideas, while remaining completely independent project.

Mu Legend

At U4GM, there you can get acquainted with information about the game and its content, including classes, dungeons, guild system, arena, altar of spirits, rifts, infinity tower, maze and the game world. Mu Legend started, one of the most anticipated and truly long-awaited sequels in this genre. You can learn more about the game on U4GM and click here.

Mu Legend and the original Mu Online are significantly different. The developers believe that the launch of the novelty will not do a great blow to the predecessor, but at the same time they hope that the active old-timers will want to try the new project and will enjoy it. Webzen also expects to return veterans who played in Mu Online earlier.

In Mu Legend, there are epic dungeons of extreme complexity for high-level players. They are recommended groups of 5 people. The individual role and build of each character in them is extremely important. It’s important to note that cheap Mu Legend Zen for sale at U4GM, and U4GM is a professional supplier that highly recommended by gamers.

Mu Legend’s Style Of Play Seems To Be Rather Complex


As expected, Mu Legend gamers have been waiting for the appearance of the last hidden class Emphasizer, and the fifth class is current in preparation. Only four classes have appeared before the Dark Lord, Blader, Warmage and Whisperer. Anyway, this is also good news for gamers who love Mu Legend. At U4GM, you will get the latest news & guides, which is trustworthy supplier.

Mu Legend

Until now, class Emphasizer has not yet appeared in the official Mu Legend page. But most notably, the graphics of Mu Legend have been pushed up a lot better. Designs of characters, monsters, maps are sharper and more authentic. The dark, dark style still surrounds the Mu Legend, almost all maps in the game are dark, with no sunlight.

Mu Legend’s style of play seems to be rather complex, but when it comes to playing, the attack in the game is a lot simpler, and mostly the player will just control the character and then attack the monster. The game does not currently have auto-typing and does not appear to be up to date.

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All Classes In Mu Legend Have A Minimum Level Of DPS

On the whole, Mu Legend is a gameplay that is fulled with chaotic and fun. According to the developer of Mu Legend says, they hope to use this beta to solve bugs, improve game’s stability to ensure better gaming experience during open beta in future. In the meanwhile, they will ensure the release of Mu Legend to China and the West as soon as possible without compromising on the quality of the game. At U4GM, you can check out a full content and detail here.

06123Currently, the developer of Mu Legend have abolished the traditional determination of roles according to classes. All classes have a minimum level of DPS but require players to interchange their classes’ ability to define their role. For example, Dark Lord can change its ability to fit into a tanker role or a healer role.

In addition, max levelled players will get to challenge end game dungeon with minimum of 5 players in a party. It requires players’ high level of coordination and teamwork to allocate each and everyone’s role perfectly in order to complete the dungeon. As of now, there are 7 skills for each class which differs in solo mode, party mode and PVP mode.

Mu Legend can be exciting, relaxing and rewarding. You can learn, get a sense of victory or just enjoy beating down the bad guy. It doesn’t matter which games you like best Buy MU Legend Zen, but you should try choosing the best Mu Legend Zen supplier such as U4GM.