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Complete Personalization In Albion Online

“A sandbox MMORPG set in an open medieval fantasy world.” This is how the game Albion Online is described on its official website. And this game officially comes out!


Complete Personalization

In Albion Online, you can forget what you know about other MMOs. Here there is no class system and the player is completely free to wear the outfits and items that he likes. There is no more restriction according to the classes and the level of personalization is at its maximum.

However, in order not to lose the players, it was decided to retain some elements of a more traditional MMORPG. Indeed, a kind of skill tree is present in order to give the player a glimpse of what he might become.

It is also possible not to say necessary to build one’s own home in Albion Online. Indeed, in your home, even furniture will be important because each one grants special bonuses and abilities to your character. So be sure to think carefully when choosing your furniture.


Consider To Survive

In this game, it’s all about strategy. Each element must be carefully considered. In conquest, it is necessary to choose the key regions according to the needs of the guild. In addition, it is necessary to build villages and, of course, to harvest resources as in any game of its kind. Moreover, when a player wishes to withdraw from the military aspect of his guild, he can still contribute to the development of the guild by retiring to his personal island on which he can create resources and distribute them to his Companions where to sell them on the market.

Because yes, on Albion Online, you can trade your resources with other players. If you are looking for a specific item, go to the market where you can exchange in abundance and find the property you are looking for.

Albion Online is a multi-platform game available on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. To discover it now, it happens here.

Albion Online Released Its 2nd Launch Patch

Since the Albion Online game has been released more than half a month, the developer team focus on fixing some issues that players have faced in game. Here’re some changes in the second launch patch:



Changes to Gold mechanics to reduce the ease of operations for Gold sellers:

  • Gold can no longer be directly traded between players
  • Gold can no longer be deposited in Guild accounts; we will remove Guild-level gold accounts in future
  • (Silver is unaffected by the above changes)
  • For more information, refer to this forum announcement

Increased maximum configurable price for real estate sales to 10m silver (does not affect auctions)
Temporarily changed mechanics so Dreaded players can disable their PvP flag, while we fix the issue where non-flagged players cannot heal flagged players in the black zone specifically (where flags should not matter)


Players participating in GvG battles are now exempt from being hidden in overloaded areas
Disabled the Android updater, as a temporary fix for keyboard issues at login screen, and potentially also some animation issues
Fixed some issues resulting from “Crafted by” data still being missing for items bought from older marketplace orders
Fixed an issue where crafting sounds did not stop correctly if crafting is cancelled
Fixed some issues with portal binding
Bridgewatch Marketplace now has a working exit to Bridgewatch

Find The Best Builds With Character Builder In Albion Online

Sandbox Interactive has announced the launch of the Albion Online Character Builder. With it you can test all combinations of skills and character skills. This tool is designed so that players can have a helping hand when planning how they are going to grow their characters within this MMORPG.

albion character build 1.fw

In the Character Builder, you will be able to navigate the builds and articles created by the players, organized in two lists: “Popular & Featured” and “Recent & Trending”. There are several categories for specifying searches. An account with an active Founder Pack or Starter Pack is required to be able to use the “Create a build/article” feature, although any user can view the builds and articles of the players, as well as share them in social networks.

You can see all the information on our Albion Online website.

Albion Online: What Are Gamers Waiting For Since Official Release

Albion Online has opened its doors wide open after a long period of testing.

On time, the online game world wide open hot online Albion Online has officially opened wide after a long time trial. Nowadays, gamers can easily play on both PC, Mac and Linux. For more information, please visit: https://www.upalbion.com/.


Players will be able to master the entire world in Albion Online, in particular, players can occupy land, create furniture as well as buildings, loot other people, conduct PvP or create their own multiplayer classes. In addition to the customization options, Sandbox Games claims that the MMO will not have a “pay-to-win” affair, who is hardworking, fortunate and smart. Smart will be stronger.

The dangerous world of Albion Online is the reign of magic and witchcraft in the medieval setting. Refining or manufacturing is a very important feature of the game, where you can create unique weapons and defense to protect your territory from invasion, looting Other players.

Join Albion Online, players will be able to choose from a number of characters such as Mercenaries, Craftsmen, Farmers, Traders, Warriors or whatever you want. In addition, the game is split into two competing factions: Disciples of Morgana, The Heretics, Keepers of Albion, The Undead, and Demons of Hell.

Each Weapon Of Albion Online Offers Unique Possibilities

It might be time to take stock of the different classes of Albion Online. What a weapon orientation will change to your role in a group, you should make a quick point about the functioning of the classes in itself.

albion game

Many of those who play Albion have already tried the adventure MMORPG. The great classics are distinguished and all offer the possibility to choose a class to incarnate, in addition to a breed for some. In Albion Online, unlike other games of the same kind, you do not choose a class when creating your character. Your class will be defined according to the equipment you are going to wear, but more precisely the weapon you will choose. Thus, each class is defined by a range of weapons, and each weapon in this range offers unique possibilities, bringing your character to a defined but evolving role.

When we talk about evolution in Albion Online, we think of level up, equipment, weapons, etc. It is true, but to evolve on this game is also to know one thing: you can do everything! But then really everything. This will cost you a little money, and for the lucky ones, a good guild and long hours of play available. For as we said, you do not choose your class at the time of character creation, you choose your class when you choose your weapon. So if you want to go to care, you will have two possible paths: the Druid, in the Hunter branch or the Priest in the Magicians branch. You may decide to be only Priest or Druid, but you may also decide to mount both, because both are healers, but each of these roles have a different orientation.

In order to do this, it is obviously necessary to go up the path of the Priest and the path of the Druid in your Tree of Destiny, which can take time, but is not impossible.

Your equipment is independent of your weapon, and therefore your role. Although some combinations are less optimized than others, you can decide to play it freestyle by being a Druid in armor, because it is your weapon that defines your role and not the category of equipment you wear. In short, you can definitely decide to be a Warrior, with a good 12-ton club that shamelessly crushes your opponent’s skull, all with a superb fabric robounette, refined designs and everything. Certainly it will be far from optimized in a group, but you can do it!

And now that we have gone around the subject, let’s see together the different classes as well as the different roles that can be attributed to them.

The Mages

The first Mage is the flamboyant Pyromancer, this class of the most warm is played mainly in group. His devastating spells allow him to burn enemies with his sticks each possessing a different characteristic: the great fire stick, the infernal stick and the fire stick to face the small groups of enemies, while the stick and the stick Sulphurous groups will be there to face larger groups.

The most powerful of the Mages is surely the one who can not kill his enemies, but save his friends. It is the case of the Priest thanks to these regenerative capacities; The Priest is a class that will always be appreciated. These different sticks allow him, according to the situation, to give a great monocible care (very useful in Guild War for example) or to be able to ascend the bars of lives of a whole group.

Always in order to save his allies, the Arcanist is a class that allows to put shields to the members of his group or to manipulate the opposing players by inciting a black hole allowing to regroup them At the center of it. However, the Arcanist is not strong enough to walk alone, because he tends to have to rely on his allies to exploit his full potential.

The Frost Mage, here is a class that is freezing blood! Especially that of his opponents. You will have guessed it, unlike the Pyromancer, this Mage controls the power of winter. The Wizard of Frost is not a Mage whose goal is to do colossal damage (although he does not lack), but a very powerful Mage in the art of freezing his enemies on the spot and thus allow To his group not to take damage and turn them into flakes.

Witchcraft is good, to damn the soul of his opponent is better! For this there is the Sorcerer (or the Damned). This powerful Mage of Darkness bases his damage on his curses and dowry effects (damage over time). Well controlled, this power can prove devastating on a group and give a lot of twists to the healers who will not know what to do to save heads!

The Hunters

The bow is one of the most used weapons in the Hunter family, indeed, this class “dps at a distance” unleashes its arrows at a speed so fast that it is almost never immobile. Very useful for the farm and the open world, the Hunter has a set of spells based on survival. Moreover, the bow is very appreciated in group, whether of small number or gigantic, thanks to its broad spectrum of models.

The spear is a versatile weapon that can be played in two ways: in tank with a plate armor or dps with a leather armor, in all cases the spear is a murderous weapon as well alone thanks to its damage and its capacity To slow down its enemies, only in group thanks to its control of crowd.

In Albion there are 2 healers. The first seen previously is the Priest, and the second the Druid. This guardian of nature uses his powerful magic to be able to provide care over time. The Druid is particularly powerful in restoring the health of several targets in a PvP group.

Dagger fighters are the proudest assassins of Albion. These act in the shadow, and when they appear, it is often too late. Daggers favor small group play so that the situation can be reversed as quickly as possible.

Very similar to the spear, long sticks can be played in 2 ways. However, like the lance, long sticks are not marked by their damage, but by their ability to inflict almost permanent crowd controls.

The Warriors

The only Remote Warrior is equipped with a crossbow. The power of this class unfolds with its ability to inflict damage and crowd control, all at a distance. Nevertheless, the crossbow is more adapted to small groups, because, unlike some others, it misses zone damage.

The mass! Here is a name that says heavy, this weapon is played mainly with a plate stuff to maximize the controls of crowd to help his group to inflict damage. The weakness of the mass is the lack of damage, especially in the open world.

The club is another tank weapon in every respect similar to the mass. The only difference between the two is revealed when one dwells on the spells: the mass uses mainly the stuns while the club uses the immobilizations and the silences.

The ax uses its powerful ability to bleed its target and thus sufficiently weaken it to be able to complete it. Thus the ax is a versatile weapon and can be used in almost all types of PVP encounters.

And finally, what would be the Warrior class without a good sword of families? Swords are often associated with monocible, and for good reason, poorly suited to multi-combat, they allow to use capacities to confront the adversary head on. Very effective in small groups, however, we will prefer other weapons for a Warrior as soon as the group grows and that the zone damage and crowd controls will be necessary.

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Albion Online Decided To Celebrate The Release Date With Special Events

Let the countdown begin! “Albion Online” will officially leave the Beta on July 9 and developers have decided to celebrate the date in a special way. The game will have a weekend full of events before being officially released on July 17.

Rise of Guardian

The events begin July 7 with Rise of the Guardians. In it players will be able to face Guardians to get Tier 6 resources. On Saturday, July 8, players will be able to participate in a kind of “hide and seek” to find five tax collectors in PVP zones and take them safely to Caerleon.

hide and seek

On July 9 there will be Castle Siege Sunday in which groups of players will battle in the king-of-the-hill style to dominate the castles of Heart of the Forest or Creag Rudd to win gold.

castle siege

Albion Online New Hector Mounts Finding Guide

A good news for new arrivals in the land of Albion! As we know, riding a mount is a great way to travel through the world of Albion. Since Albion Online launched Hector on June 7th, 8 new mounts has been introduced in the game.

The official site revealed a post to teach players how to get these new mounts. Here are some deatils:

Tutorial Mount – Everyone learning the new tutorial can get a mule whatever you character is.

Tier 2 Mule


The simple Tier 2 mount is a mule, can be obtained in the starter towns after you finish the tutorial quests. “The Mule gives everybody a leg up when it comes to movement, but falls a bit behind the Legendary Explorer’s Horse both in speed and carrying capacity.”

The starter towns includes Forest Cross, Highland Cross, Mountain Cross, Steppe Cross, and Swamp Cross.

Mount Hitpoints: 238
Move Speed Bonus: +30%
Gallop Move Speed Bonus: +70%
Maximum Load: +60kg

Special Mounts – These mounts are found as rare drops in the open world.

Tier 4 Giant Stag

Giant Stag

This kind of mount, as alternative to the regular horse, is better for solo-gatherers and couriers. You may have the chance to get a Fawn by killing Giant Stag mobs. Then grow it into a Tame4 Giant Stag in a Pasture. Finally, combine it with 20 Tier 4 Worked Leather at your local Saddler to craft the mount.

Giant Stag mobs can be found in the Steppes. Relatively speaking, it has fewer hitpoints and a larger load capacity.

Mount Hitpoints: 601
Move Speed Bonus: +50%
Gallop Move Speed Bonus: +95%
Maximum Load: +465kg

Tier 8 Transport Mammoth

Transport Mammoth

The Transport Mammoth mount is the ultimate transport mount for guild operations. Due to its big health pool and defensive bonuses, you may find the group of Transport Mammoth gathering in dangerous areas as they are able to withstand a decent amount of damage.

“Ancient Mammoths mobs have a small chance of dropping a Mammoth Calf. Place this Calf in a Kennel, grow it into a Tame Mammoth, and then combine it with 20 Tier 8 Fortified Leather at your local Saddler to craft the mount.”

Although the Transport Mammoth’s speed is a shortage, it has enormous carrying capacity to make up for the lacking.

Mount Hitpoints: 3,797
Armor: +415
Magical Resistance: +415
CC Resistance: +394
Maximum Load: +45,041kg

Faction Mounts – These mounts are faction-specific, and can only be obtained by slaying the faction’s bosses in the open world. The elite Tier 8 faction mounts also each boast their own skill!

Tier 5 Bonehorse


Wondering why the Bonehorse can be included here since it’s not a brand-new mount? Because the upgraded Bonehorse has more hitpoints, speed and maximum load now. The Bonehorse can be crafted with the combination of a Tier 5 Riding Horse and Necromantic Elixir, which is a rare drop from Undead bosses.

Mount Hitpoints: 845
Move Speed Bonus: +60%
Gallop Move Speed Bonus: +100%
Maximum Load: +314kg

Tier 8 Spectral Bonehorse

Spectral Bonehorse

“The spirit of an ancient knight’s steed has animated the cooling corpse of a sacrificial horse. Loyal and obedient, its appearance nevertheless strikes fear into its foes.” Combining a Tier 5 Bonehorse with a Spectral Mask (which is a rare drop from Undead raid boss, the Harvester), you can craft a Spectral Bonehorse.

The Spectral Bonehorse mount has a potential skill, Glimpse of the Other Side.

Mount Hitpoints: 1,006
Move Speed Bonus: +75%
Gallop Move Speed Bonus: +115%
Maximum Load: +543kg

Tier 5 Swiftclaw


You may find Swiftclaw mounts wondering with Keeper scouts in the wild. It’s still a fast mount though it sacrificing some speed for survivability. To craft a Swiftclaw mount, follow Keeper bosses because they have a rare chance to drop a Swiftclaw Cub. Grow it into a Tame Swiftclaw then combine it with 20 Tier 5 Cured Leather at your local Saddler to craft the mount.

Mount Hitpoints: 676
Move Speed Bonus: +70%
Gallop Move Speed Bonus: +120%

Tier 8 Rageclaw


The Rageclaw is best choice for berserker cavalry since they tolerate the fury of battle from birth. You can raise from the most aggressive Swiftclaw cubs. Combined by a Tier 5 Swiftclaw with Sacred Bone Marrow, Rageclaws are the fastest mounts. It should be noted that Sacred Bone Marrow is a rare drop from Keeper’s raid boss, the Earthmother.

The Rageclaw also has its own skill to instant speed boost in a short time, Predator Sprint.

Mount Hitpoints: 805
Move Speed Bonus: +85%
Gallop Move Speed Bonus: +135%

Tier 5 Warhorse


The Warhorse’s armor is too heavy to carry additional aggression, but the mount can participate in battles recklessly. The Warhorse’s crafting is releated with the Disciples of Morgana as you can get a rare drop from Morgana bosses – Warhorse Saddle. This special drop can be combined with a Tier 5 Armored Horse to craft a Warhorse mount.

Comparing with a regular Riding Horse and Armored Horse, Warhorse has better speed.

Mount Hitpoints: 845
Move Speed Bonus: +60%
Gallop Move Speed Bonus: +100%
Armor: +104
Magical Resistance: +104
CC Resistance: +88

Tier 8 Nightmare


Although the Nightmare doesn’t have load capacity bonus, the mount have best speed and survival like the Warhorse. A Nightmare can be crafted by the combination of a Warhorse and Infernal Horseshoes. The latter is a rare drop of killing Morgana raid boss, the Demon Prince.

The Nightmare mount has a characteristic skill that leaving behind a trail of flames, which ignites enemies and causes them to run around in fear, Flaming Trail.

Mount Hitpoints: 1,006
Move Speed Bonus: +75%
Gallop Move Speed Bonus: +115%
Armor: +114
Magical Resistance: +114
CC Resistance: +115

Here are just some of the tips and guides we have. Feel free to play around to find the ones that suit you best. For more Albion Online news and guides, keep it right here on UpAlbion.

Albion Online Announces The Innovations Of Outlands

The MMORPG Sandbox Albion Online is preparing for the official launch of July 17th. In the meantime, the developers of Sandbox Interactive propose to follow their reflection in the development, redesign and innovations on the game through a series of video.

Today, Robin Henkys, the Director of the game, invites us to discover all the improvements made to the Outlands, hostile and not subject to the laws that govern the world of Albion. These improvements include a complete graphic and functional overhaul of the territory in order to give even more difficulty to the players and the community, but also to give them more interaction with this already rich world, To minimize the hardship for small groups wanting only to discover this part of the vast territory.


The Outlands And The Royal Territory

Since the Galahad Update, with the complete overhaul of the Albion world, all the action and interactivity of the players has focused on the Royal Continent, leaving Outlands a little in suspense, with less activity increased. It is true that the players had the possibility to go to any port on the edge of the Royal Continent and to go to Outlands by simply taking the boat. The falling point was one of the many cities (previously chosen) in which they could undertake actions and start an economy.

But what was the point of going to the Outlands when everything could be done on the Royal Continent. The players have therefore remained active mainly in this zone while leaving the Outlands. To remedy this lack, developers at Sandbox Interactive have decided to recast this hostile territory by making it even more attractive in terms of rewards and resources, but by complicating its access to push players further into the Royal Continent, towards Caerleon and consequently towards the black zones.

Moreover, all the cities of Outlands will be suppressed. As a result, the few players who have established an activity and stored items in the banks and cityplots will lose their assets, thus forcing them to recover or move their funds. We advise them to remove so before the Hector update, scheduled for June 7th.

Caerleon will resume its role of center city for the Outlands, in full black zone, which will open its doors to players with bad reputation and infamous.


How To Get Into Outlands

From now on Outlands will be accessible via a unique portal located in the heart of Caerleon, in the center of the Royal Continent. From there, everyone can choose their destination according to the level of difficulty they want to search for higher-level resources. The Tier 8 will actually be available! The gate will give you the possibility to choose between three zones of difficulty (high, medium and low); And to go anywhere in those areas. Do not forget that the passage will be free of charge, no tax will be asked!

For the less adventurous or the more cautious of the GvG combat, in order to balance the possible inter-player overflows, an anti-zerg display will be updated to detect groups greater than 10 players. Small groups will be able to walk without fear of a massive attack.

This option is still in testing by developers without knowing if it will be retained.

Why Go To The Outlands?

There are a number of reasons why players should go to Outlands. The developers wanted to make these territories as attractive as possible by specifying that this is just a way of encouraging them to discover the vast world of Albion and its true GvG value.

First, many higher-level enchanted resources will be in varying amounts depending on the area chosen. The high-end resources are reserved for the highest levels. The Tier 8 resources, however, will only be available in the Watchtower Territories.

Secondly, the rewards for players will be increased, which should encourage them to leave the mainland more easily.

To learn more, we invite you to watch the latest video of the game development:

Albion Online Clarifies The Ambitions Of Hector Update

In anticipation of its upcoming launch, the updated Hector of Albion Online (expected on June 7) is evolving the GvG territories of the MMO, both to encourage guilds to compete and players to evolve in concert.

We remember that initially, Albion Online was to take the form of a real MMO “sandbox” (worn by the well named studio Sandbox Interactive), totally left in the hands of the players and having to leave the handsome guilds. However, the PvP dimension of the MMO is difficult to meet initial expectations (as always, the correct balancing is complex to find to avoid an overpowering guild dominating an entire server, at the risk of frustrating others Players) and the developer agrees to this, to the point that the studio intends to evolve the functioning of the Outlands and the GvG confrontations before the commercial launch of the game. This is in particular the subject of the Hector update, The deployment is scheduled for 7 June.

In a new video development summary, Robin Henkys, Game Director of Albion Online, clarifies the ambitions of the studio.

In particular, the GvG territories will be drastically rethought, both to concentrate activity around Caerleon (the area will host a single and central portal allowing access to the Outlands, in order to favor concentrations of players ) And then to better organize the confrontations of players in Outlands. The portal will allow to reach the different zones of the territories GvG (as many portals that replace the cities and ports of the Outlands, now neglected by the players), classified by level of difficulties or dangerousness (green, yellow or red) In order to balance the confrontations – thus avoiding an overpowering guild dominating all the territories. And the developer goes further by imagining an “anti-zerg” display that will reveal any regrouping of more than ten players on the minimap, so that potential opponents can organize themselves to fight or escape.

In addition, to encourage players to venture further into Outlands, the developer installs attractive rewards – including Tier 8 resources in the watchtower territories.

The studio pursues a twofold objective: first, to encourage clashes between guilds (guilds should be sufficiently attracted by resources to attack these areas and existing guilds should mobilize to defend them, with the support of Watchtowers ), And then encouraging a more coordinated group game by ensuring that harvesters are always accompanied by fighters (some protecting the gathering activity of others).

While waiting to discover the reactions of the players to this evolution of Outlands operation (from June 7th, therefore, after the deployment of the Hector update), the developer invites players to recover and move objects They could have stored in the harbors and black zone cities. As they will disappear (to be replaced by portals), banks and cityplots will also be deleted. Notice therefore to the players who would have items to preserve.

The Last Beta Of Albion Online

Albion Online is an open world Sandbox game with a fully player driven economy. Set in the medieval setting, the EvE Online of normal MMORPGs. Player versus Player is the main focus of the game, and this can be found back in the design of the world map. Every guild is able to get its mark on the map, in one way or another, and even solo players can have a bit of an influence.

The game has had its postpones, extra extended alpha phases, and also an extra Beta phase, but finally in July the game is supposedly set to come out. For about the fifth beta now, the whole world has been reshaped once again to their new ideas. A bunch of extra weapons and armor has been put in the game, but the concept of most of these weapons are from the ones we already had in one way or another. The game has had a graphical overhaul and does look much better, but it isn’t a huge difference that matters all too much. And an extra addition, Expeditions!


Albion Online tries to put the focus on bigger groups. Scattered in the world are objectives that the player can focus on, though the larger your group, the more they favor you. A heavily focused PVP group with players all sharing the same goal, trying to be the best in PVP since the game puts its focus too much on the crafting. When you create your character and get thrown at one of the starting zones all around the map, you are free to do what you want to do; there is no story line to follow, or set path to take. It’s all up to you personally.

Most players obviously go and level up their weapons and armor because everyone in Albion aims for a build. Since weapons and armor both give you different skills and spells, there will always be some sort of a meta with armor set/weapon combinations. So most players at the start are set to just grind their way to a higher tier of gear for their build and go from there. What made Albion previously so enjoyable was that even with doing your daily dose of PVE of trying to level up your character, you had to do so in the open world, and eventually go into the higher leveled zones where people were able to attack you, and contest your dungeon or grinding spot. But this is where the Expeditions come into place.

In every city you will find these Expeditions that are basically like different player bound instances where you will have to run its entire course to get a money reward. And while ‘Fame’ gain is the same as in the open world, the silver is a lot less. Fame is used and needed to level up your gear and thus very important. Money can easily be made by everyone. Leveling up your gear used to be different. This time around, grinding through the higher tiers is simply too easy.

With every new update the game is catered towards the more casual players, making it easier in one way or another. But of course most importantly, the need to not enter the open sandbox world to compete with others is destroying the very nature of the competitive sandbox world they intended to build. It honestly tries to get rid of its sandbox shackles with each update.

To be honest, if you love crafting/gathering resources, I’ll recommend the game to you as the game can be a lot of fun. As it’s initially hard to equip the characters in Albion Online without gold, if you need enough albion online gold to do what you want, come to www.upalbion.com.