Top-Rate Path of exile 3.3 Duelist Builds for newbies

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[PoE 3.3 Slayer Build] Claw Reave, Uber lab farmer, Blade Flurry Slayer, build for newcomers.

Vaal Pact now doubles your leech price and leech rate caps although you no longer rewards the further 10% maximum life as leech price from Brutal Fervor, producing VP crucial for Slayer to retain the identical leech rate. Moreover, with VP every single point in either Vitality Void or Hematophagy will double its effectiveness.
To sum it up, Slayer is definitely the exact same, granted now you happen to be much more prone to dots dmg than just before resulting from nature of VP.
Now comes explanation for this build:
Claws are powerful spending budget possibilities for build only as a result of how good, and reasonably priced weapons like Wasp’s Nest or Touch of Anguish are. In Mayhem race I played around with this build, and it was shocking to determine how Wasp’s nest could carry out splendidly at red maps level without having poison scaling. On the other hand, Varunastra is Varunastra.

If you are speaking about your Blade Flurry tooltip, it is not 1.8k DPS you’ve got, but 1.8k typical damage per hit from the initial hit and I assume this is devoid of any buff.
For precise calculation import your character to Path of Building and verify out the DPS calculation there.
Also, your character is making use of Warlord’s mark blasphemy which is completely unnecessary for this build because the leech property you have from Soul Raker is adequate to cover your leech. Please rather use Hatred to get a lot more harm.
An additional factor is your Whirling Blade setup. You already have Bane of Legend with is 20% culling strike, your whirling Blade + culling strike is useless, and also the greatest structure for whirling blade is: Whirling Blade + Faster Attack + Blood Magic + Fortify. The explanation for blood magic would be to cast whirling blade endlessly, fortify substantial buff to possess as soon as tackling high tier content.
Another point is inside your skill tree; you ought to spec into Twin Terror simply because it is actually probably the most active crit likelihood node for the dual wielding build, and ought to under no circumstances be skipped.
You also really need to consider upgrading your flask to a Lion’s Roar flask, due to the fact it truly is the top flask for this build, and extremely highly recommended/mandatory for higher tier contents.

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[PoE 3.3 Slayer Build] Low-cost, Tanky, Quick and Exciting Physical ST to Shaper build for a newbie

There have already been some alterations to the Slayer ascendancy in Poe 3.3. In brief, the build has been buffed.
The reshuffling of mods just isn’t necessary. It may possibly slightly affect our leveling progression, but in the long run, we get the exact same properties.
No extra physical reflect damage. This can be a lovely buff considering that the majority of our Harm is physical. Elemental indicated damage is resisted, so we only get 25% of it. In brief, it is possible to overlook about reflecting.
We now do 30% enhanced harm although leeching (that is each of the time). Slight buff but additional harm is normally nice to have.

+ Can conveniently do all content material within the game
+ Inexpensive, non-meta gear
+ Fast and exciting to play, 0.5 sec Whirling Blades, uncomplicated to dodge boss slams
+ 2-button build. We only use ST and WB; everything else is automated
+ 7K life without having Belly
+ Substantial leech
+ Very good clear speed
+ Wonderful boss killing potential
+ Good league starter
+ Appropriate for SSF
+ Easy to level, all skills obtainable quite early
+ No expected gear
+ Not likely to have nerfed (no-meta Gear or mechanics)
+ Spectral Wolves as decoys
– We have to switch a gem for clear/single target
– Not the existing meta million DPS build
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[PoE 3.3 Gladiator Build] Quickly offers with all content leveling up Build for Gladiator

This Build is simple to gear out creating it a fantastic league starter; you could progressively operate your way towards these late game items or get started a new character when you may have sufficient currency. You may most likely require flat Phys on your gear if you want to be capable to perform the hardest of content.

+ Simply offers with all content leveling up till yellow maps on a 4-link
+ Quick to gear out
+ Tanky, as we’re stacking life on the tree and gear together with numerous forms of totally free mitigation, creating this build hard to die on.
+ reliable
+ foolproof

– It really is not quite flashy, and there will probably be no shattering enemies.
– Even though it might do higher tier maps along with other endgame content material, offered you invest into the right gear, you are possibly superior off just starting your 2nd character and spending your accumulated wealth on that as an alternative.

Skill Tree:
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[PoE 3.3 Gladiator Build] Low Entry & High Scaling – Shaper & MFing for newcomers

This Reave build has no required chase uniques or super substantial expensive power spikes. You could finish all content on a two EX budget, but you can also massively improve your gear to insane levels of DPS to farm Overmodded Guardians or take on Uber Elder. This Build has above average Gear, but I already plant maps like shown below entirely deathless. Downgrading gear would end up having 2-3 deaths which are not vital once you’ve reached level 91-95.

Pros & Cons:
> Can smoothly farm and finish all content
> Mapping is top tier in speed and smoothness
> Really flexible and can be modified however you desire
> No gem swaps needed for bosses, even Shaper!
> Kill bosses fast at the higher range – You could kill Forge of The Phoenix boss at 75% of your Range with Vaal Reave while he channels his explosion.
> No dangerous mobs or mob mods that can kill you – I’ve never ever died to an Abyss spinner!
> Capable to switch off to full quantity gear( 66%) and farm Vault / Spider forest
> two weeks of Nolifing still hasn’t burned me out whilst other builds may take one day to become boring even among my favorite classes
> With Leap Slam could even speedrun Shaper
> Cool as HECK dual wield!
> Very defensive whilst still having 1+ mil Shaper DPS – 79%+ Spell Block & Block, 60%+ Evade, 70%+ Phys reduction, 50%+ Base resistances, Immortal Call, 6K+ HP and much more!
> Hardcore and solo self-found viable
> Giant half screen range – biggest melee AOE in the game
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[PoE 3.3 Build] Oni-Goroshi Tectonic Champion – Relatively budget Build for newbies

With PoE 3.3 changes, I like the Champion‘ rework, and I found this Ascendancy at least one of the top (if not just the ideal) for league starter. It provides us with high Tankyness, but also high harm – what else do you will need?! I also noticed one problem with all Oni-Goroshi builds: Her Embrace’ degen, which difficult to mitigate even with Slayer life leech, so I decided to run with HP regen rather. On 100 level we will need ~12% Life regen to counter degen from Her Embrace.

Unfortunately, at this moment there isn’t any possibility to keep Endurance Charges constantly (like Frenzy with Oro’s Sacrifice or Raider Asc. passive / Power Charge with Assassin passive). Even J U G G struGGles on it. Atm there is only one stable Endurance Charges generator – Smashing Strikes (passive in staves circle, grants 10% opportunity to acquire an endurance charge on melee critical strike.) Or you ought to drop Multistrike and play JUGG.
+ Tanky (PermaFortify, high HP regen, upper HP pool, flat Dmg reduced)
+ Relatively rapidly map clear
+ No should swap gems
+ Almost 100% crit. chance
+ Hits can’t be evaded
+ Affordable
+ 875k DPS on Shaper
+ Her Embrace
+ Can’t be stunned
– Can be expensive
– Can’t run no leech / reflect maps

PoB Hyperlink:
Skill Tree:
Example Hyperlink:



[PoE 3.3 Build] Melee Champion – Spending budget friendly Build for novices

Level 1 – Get either frost blades and use it with the ancestral call at level 4. When you have no items like tabula or any Items for that matter, then look for movement speed boots at the vendors. Try to find 1h weapons with either or both flat physical harm and enhanced physical harm (Attack speed is great too, but not at the cost of the others) Rings, amulets, gloves with Phys damage to attacks, maximum life and resistances.
Level 12 – Now it is possible to get Reave and get started leveling with that
Try to cap fire res or any res for that matter, perhaps save rings with higher resistances and switch on boss fights.
When Brutus is dead, pick up Added Fire Support and Leap Slam.
If you want you’ll be able to pick up Sunder after killing Merveil, but it is possible to still use frost blades, Reave for a whilst when you so desire.
Pick up Faster attacks and link it with Leap Slam, take Herald of Ice and Blood Rage. (Don’t level Blood Rage past level ten)
Level 24 – Get Warlord’s Mark and at level 31, link it with Blasphemy support
Level 28 – Get Blade Flurry and start utilizing that
Do Lab as soon as you have got the hp and harm for it
Get the Immortal call, Cast when Harm Taken and Stone Golem when you happen to be near the completion of act 4.
Link these gems at the finish of act 4
When it is possible to, get fortify and hyperlink it with leap slam and more rapidly attacks.
You must in all probability use Blade Flurry once you got excellent sufficient gear to progress through the acts and started mapping, Reave only cannot compete at this point should you don’t have fantastic adequate Gear.
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