The Latest News about Different Foods for Different Races – ESO

I’m wrapping up work on the official ES/Skyrim cookbook, and am trying to tie up a few loose ends here and there. Most importantly, I’m trying to make sure that there’s at least one recipe for each race so that everyone has a little representation. Obviously there’s plenty to go around for the Nords and Imperials, and I have a Breton dish or two, some ash yams and saltrice for the the Dunmer, as well as some recipes for the Khajiit.

Crowns ESO

Notably, though, I’m missing dishes for some of the Elves (Wood/Bos and High/Alt), Orcs, Redguard, and Argonians. Here’s what my brainstorming has come up with, but I’d welcome any other ideas!

1. ARGONIANS – reside largely in the Black Marsh, a swampy dismal region. Not a great deal is known about them, but given their excellent swimming abilities, fish and shellfish likely play a large part in their diet. – Would they cook it? What would they eat while in other parts of Tamriel?

2. REDGUARD – the Alik’r desert makes farming hard; What arable land exists on the plains surrounding Hammerfell is used to grow drought-hardy crops and graze domesticated livestock. These foods are usually dehydrated or salted for storage and travel. Fortunately, trade from the port cities bring much needed variety to their larders. – maybe modeled on west Saharan cuisine?

3. ORSIMER – a strong and fiercely loyal race. Although many also live in their capital city Orsinium, most live in strongholds scattered across Tamriel. Each such stronghold must be self-sufficient, so their diet is predominantly made up of practical foods that can be easily grown, foraged, and stored. There is little room for frills.

4. ALTMER – mostly isolated on Summerset Isle, have had ample time to perfect their cuisine without the interference of outside races. However, with the relatively new opening of their shores to outsiders, they have begun to embrace the best culinary innovations of Tamriel’s other residents. A race that values beauty and perfection, they harbor very strict rules regarding table manners and deportment. Nonetheless, they enjoy a wide array of haute cuisine, dining on the most daintily craſted sweets washed down with fine liqueurs and brandies. – I’m thinking a dessert for this one maybe? Maybe a delicate meringue or pastry.

5. BOSMER – wood elves, made the Green Pact, in which they swore to abstain from eating or harming any plant from their native Valenwood, which has resulted in a heavily meat-based diet. Their skilled hunters return from patrols with venison, rabbit, and other game meats, as well as foraged eggs from nests high in the tree-tops. Complication: how would they cook things if they can’t burn wood?

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