Path of Exile

Do You Want To Improve PoE Zana Missions

In Path of Exile, now would be a great time to add or upgrade Zana’s missions, so collectors of path of exile items aren’t as boring. I have some ideas that would make leveling Zana a lot less of a chore and more of a fun/valuable part of the game again:

Open a Xoph’s/Tul’s/Esh’s/Uul-Netol’s/Chayula’s Clasped Hand (area has a breach). Open the unique strongbox. Complete the Trial of Ascendancy (becomes more rare once player completes the Uber Lab). Defeat the Harbingers. Destroy the Null Portals (area is Elder-influenced). Defeat the Agent of the Void (area is Shaper-influenced). Claim an Essence. Find and enter an Abyssal Depths. Defeat Queen Atziri (map is The Apex of Sacrifice).

Path of Exile

Vorici missions aren’t ‘hard,’ or tedious in the same way as others. It’s more that some builds can do them very easily while others struggle way more (summoners, DoT builds) for weird reasons. And honestly, I don’t have much of a problem with wild Vorici missions, but dailies are just absurd because the Rogue Exile is so weak it’s nearly impossible to complete the mission without chipping at them with an underleveled golem. If it was easier for certain builds to restrain themselves it’d be fine.

One of my friends said that most of the masters, at least until, or if, they make large changes could be changed by adding a time bonus. His biggest problem is how dailies over a three month league don’t feel like enough. He think that every week the bonus from dailies should be increased. This let’s people farm it up fast doing rotas or prophecies like they already do, but people who get a late start or just mainly do dailies, even a few times a week, will actually get there before the end of the league. This would be a nice addition until they want to do something different.

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