Path of Exile Game Has Exciting PvP Battles

Path of Exile is a network role-playing game of active action in the gloomy witching world of Wraeclast. The game was based on: a powerful barter economy, rich customization options for heroes, exciting PvP battles and races for ratings. The game is completely free. And you will never have to pay for the victory.


Role-playing games of active action have always been about two things: destructive abilities and valuable objects. In Path of Exile, abilities are also items: gems that give the hero skills after being inserted into the equipment. The effect of skills can be changed through a variety of support gems.

You can so strengthen the fireball that it will bounce from the enemy to the enemy or split into several bunches of flame.

All the classes of the Path of Exile heroes use one huge tree of passive skills. Players start in one of seven tree-spaced places, the position of which depends on the chosen class.

They can focus on the core activities of their class or navigate the tree to create a complex combination of skills from different areas. On the tree are scattered key passive skills, which greatly change the manner of the hero’s behavior.

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