MU Legend

MU Legend: How To Strengthen Your Gear

If you are a new MU Legend player, and you may only know where to get gems,zen,pets,artifacts and literally everything. But there is very few guides that actually show where to get gear! Here are some guides, you can also choose U4GM guides, and learn more to help you get better played in this game. If you lack MU Legend Zen, then you can also buy in

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First, easiest way probably is to wear as much zen find as you can and still being able to run mythic dungeons, then hit the auction house for those nice pieces.

Second, you can buy ancient items in the AH that have 7%+ zen drop status and an attack stat. Then slot it with the goblin soul stone. That way you can solo every ROD dungeon, and at 115% zen drop you get roughly 1.5M at LSV so that’s insane. Other way is to get into a decent guild that can carry you to the epic 5 dungeons.

If ancients are too expensive you can start with legendary (light blue) set – I started with legendary because ancients were more expensive back then. Another route is to grind for you ancients and legendaries. The best way is probably doing Mythic dungeons. If you do them a lot you can start crafting ancient items using materials from Mythic dungeon bosses.

Next, once you have your ancient/legendary set start running Epic dungeons to get mythic (orange) items. If you don’t have enough Combat Power to enter Epic Dungeons add slots to your items and insert gems to increase it. Sell Mythic items you don’t need on auction house and use the gold to buy better ancient/mythic items. Sometimes you can find nice mythic pieces for as cheap as 2-5kk.

Finally. You can also invest in zen set, grind for gold and then buy yourself a decent Mythic set right from the Auction House. hope you can gather more MU Legend Zen, and own the best gear.