Madden 18: Getting Started Guide For Beginners

If you are relatively new to madden, and playing at pro level but throw too many interception, then you may read some guides to help you play better.

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You should learn someĀ defense measures and go through the training stuff to learn some of what routes work against which coverages. I’ve had a lot more success with a west coast style. Keep it short and eventually you’ll start to find stuff that will work down field. Drive, shallow cross, mesh have all been good for me and helped reduce interceptions.

Find a few basic plays like slants and go routes and get comfortable with them. Slowly add a few plays as you learn routes. Go to practice mode (more fun if you have a franchise team) and run a play you’d like to get good at over and over again against the cpu on a higher difficulty. Mix up the formations (people online only use nickle and dime) and pick random plays within those formations for the cpu.

I like to go to practice, pick a passing play against a defensive formation that would most likely be picked against the personnel I have, pick the defense to have a random play, then work on reading coverages and where to throw against what coverage. I’ll go through the plays over and over again, sometimes to the point of completing passes to each guy running a route.

If you’re just playing against AI, simplify your playbook. Pick one formation as your base and run most of your plays out of that. Don’t run a play you are unfamiliar with; have two run plays: one to the inside and one outside. Also, like others have said, use the skill trainer, it helps teach concepts and how to beat coverages.

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