Why Madden 18 Makes Longshot Looks Like A Movie

After Longshot mode was launched in Madden 18, many Madden 18 players said they like this new story mode very much, which will change the the old boring game mode, and the new story mode will add more fun to madden 18. But do you know why EA Sports launched the new story mode which will make Longshot in Madden 18 looks like a movie, Is this the right decision?Madden-18-Cover-ImageMost animated features and games shoot most of their content in a sound booth with voice actors and then animate the bodies separately. Too many games have stationary characters exchanging dialogue, making it feel like a soap opera. Reacting to other performers is a huge part of acting, it’s not just about delivering lines. I think we were able to achieve real chemistry and emotion.

So even no matter how EA Sports plan good, the final decision is still in the hands of Madden 18 players, this new game mode will be in August to meet with you, so be sure to prepare enough Madden NFL 18 coins in advance, so you can enjoy the game fun of Madden 18 and not miss your favorite player cards.

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