All Classes In Mu Legend Have A Minimum Level Of DPS

On the whole, Mu Legend is a gameplay that is fulled with chaotic and fun. According to the developer of Mu Legend says, they hope to use this beta to solve bugs, improve game’s stability to ensure better gaming experience during open beta in future. In the meanwhile, they will ensure the release of Mu Legend to China and the West as soon as possible without compromising on the quality of the game. At U4GM, you can check out a full content and detail here.

06123Currently, the developer of Mu Legend have abolished the traditional determination of roles according to classes. All classes have a minimum level of DPS but require players to interchange their classes’ ability to define their role. For example, Dark Lord can change its ability to fit into a tanker role or a healer role.

In addition, max levelled players will get to challenge end game dungeon with minimum of 5 players in a party. It requires players’ high level of coordination and teamwork to allocate each and everyone’s role perfectly in order to complete the dungeon. As of now, there are 7 skills for each class which differs in solo mode, party mode and PVP mode.

Mu Legend can be exciting, relaxing and rewarding. You can learn, get a sense of victory or just enjoy beating down the bad guy. It doesn’t matter which games you like best Buy MU Legend Zen, but you should try choosing the best Mu Legend Zen supplier such as U4GM.