The Elder Scrolls Online: New Vivec Video For Morrowind

If you are a PC or Mac player who has preordered Morrowind, the expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online is already available for a few days in Early Access.

For all others, namely PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players, ZeniMax has unveiled what the bonuses will be on June 6th, who will pre-order the expansion. These are included in the Discovery Pack and include a dog like pet, three treasure maps, a Dwarven Crown Crate, two parchments for a boost to experience and a Warden costume, which you can see in the video below. Also, exclusive to PS4 players, another pet comes in the form of a leaping crab.

Not all: ZeniMax has published a new article on the official website dedicated to the three major factions of Morrowind, the Redoran, Hlaalu and Telvanni Houses, to which the Ordinator and Morag Tong are added.

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Albion Online Clarifies The Ambitions Of Hector Update

In anticipation of its upcoming launch, the updated Hector of Albion Online (expected on June 7) is evolving the GvG territories of the MMO, both to encourage guilds to compete and players to evolve in concert.

We remember that initially, Albion Online was to take the form of a real MMO “sandbox” (worn by the well named studio Sandbox Interactive), totally left in the hands of the players and having to leave the handsome guilds. However, the PvP dimension of the MMO is difficult to meet initial expectations (as always, the correct balancing is complex to find to avoid an overpowering guild dominating an entire server, at the risk of frustrating others Players) and the developer agrees to this, to the point that the studio intends to evolve the functioning of the Outlands and the GvG confrontations before the commercial launch of the game. This is in particular the subject of the Hector update, The deployment is scheduled for 7 June.

In a new video development summary, Robin Henkys, Game Director of Albion Online, clarifies the ambitions of the studio.

In particular, the GvG territories will be drastically rethought, both to concentrate activity around Caerleon (the area will host a single and central portal allowing access to the Outlands, in order to favor concentrations of players ) And then to better organize the confrontations of players in Outlands. The portal will allow to reach the different zones of the territories GvG (as many portals that replace the cities and ports of the Outlands, now neglected by the players), classified by level of difficulties or dangerousness (green, yellow or red) In order to balance the confrontations – thus avoiding an overpowering guild dominating all the territories. And the developer goes further by imagining an “anti-zerg” display that will reveal any regrouping of more than ten players on the minimap, so that potential opponents can organize themselves to fight or escape.

In addition, to encourage players to venture further into Outlands, the developer installs attractive rewards – including Tier 8 resources in the watchtower territories.

The studio pursues a twofold objective: first, to encourage clashes between guilds (guilds should be sufficiently attracted by resources to attack these areas and existing guilds should mobilize to defend them, with the support of Watchtowers ), And then encouraging a more coordinated group game by ensuring that harvesters are always accompanied by fighters (some protecting the gathering activity of others).

While waiting to discover the reactions of the players to this evolution of Outlands operation (from June 7th, therefore, after the deployment of the Hector update), the developer invites players to recover and move objects They could have stored in the harbors and black zone cities. As they will disappear (to be replaced by portals), banks and cityplots will also be deleted. Notice therefore to the players who would have items to preserve.

Presentation Of The Warden Class In The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind

ZeniMax Online Studios today launched a new trailer dedicated to Morrowind, an expansion pack for The Elder Scrolls Online.

The launch will take place on May 22 on the PC for Digital Upgrade or Digital Collector’s Edition Upgrade versions of ESO: Morrowind to be available to all PC owners (Steam), Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on June 6.

The video presents the new Warden class, which the player can choose in his adventures in Morrowind.

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Mu Legend: Gamers Can Expect Different PvE& PvP Options

Mu Legend, fantastic and stunning visuals, and it will run on lower-end systems as well as boasts detailed art design with amazing effects. It’s undeniable that Mu Legend not only caters to the millions of MU fans from the past decade, but is also easy for newcomers to the MU universe to pick up and enjoy. Are you beginner? Click here to get entirely guides:


As the official sequel to MU Online, MUL will feature fluid and entertaining hack ‘n’ slash combat mechanics that fans love. The game will also cater to both solo and party play through a deep story in a rich and vibrant world. Players who like choices will get to choose from four distinct classes, which are the Dark Lord, Whisperer, Blader and War Mage. More and more gamers have the option of buying Mu Legend Zen at U4GM.

In Mu Legend, gamers can expect a huge range of different PvE and PvP options that will cater to all styles, as well as offer content that can either be completed in a few minutes or played for hours at a time. With an extensive range of systems, like pets and gear enhancement, users can customize their experience in every way possible.

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Shaq Will Be Featured On The Cover Of Two Special Editions For NBA 2K18

NBA 2K has announced that the cover athlete for two special NBA 2K18 Legend Editions has been revealed and it will be Shaquille O’Neal. The “Legend Edition” will go for $100 and the “Legend Edition Gold” for $150. The NBA 2K18 game is set to be released on September 19 and be available on September 15 for all those who pre-order.


The game’s cover, Shaq confirmed the news and revealed a commercial which features Kobe Bryant to appeal fans to pre-order the game on Sept.15.

If you decide to pre-order the game, you receive various of items:

Standard Edition

  • 5,000 VC
  • 10 Weekly MyTeam Packs (With Team 2K Card)
  • MyPlayer Apparel

Legend Edition

  • 100,000 VC
  • 20 Weekly MyTeam Packs (Guaranteed Shaq and Team 2K Cards)
  • Shaq Attack Shoes, Shaq Jerseys + Shaq Apparel
  • Championship Ring
  • Shaq MyTeam Stickers
  • 5 Shaq Trading Cards
  • Shaq Poster

Legend Gold Edition

  • All Legend Edition Content
  • Additional 150,000 VC (Total 250,000 VC)
  • 20 Additional Weekly MyTeam Packs (40 total)
  • Shaq’s Jersey Collection
  • 5 Additional Shaq Trading Cards
  • Lenticular Cover

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ESO Released Short Presentation Video For Dwarven Ruins

A new video series was launched at The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, in which a Morag Tong assassin named Naryu Virian tells about the world of the game. In the first demonstration of the Dwarven Ruins we can see a short presentation.

Who else could show Vvardenfell better than an experienced and legendary assassin? The Elder Scrolls Online: In Morrowind’s new video, Naryu Virian, a member of Morag Tong, tells us what traps and opponents are lurking on us when we visit the ruins of the complexes built by dwarves.

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Final Fantasy XIV Small Changes: New Poses, New PVP Tweaks

Final Fantasy XIV is always timely updated new content, in addition, including some major patch, like more dungeons, raids, and content. The quality of guilds life improvements, mostly designed to make the game more fun and/or fix issues the community has been having with the game. You can check out the full details:

05024There are a lot of other small changes like new PVP tweaks, new poses, new idle animation settings, and an extra dismount button combo (L1+R1), but that covers most of the big updates. Square Enix Went very in-depth when it comes to details surrounding the PS4 version of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, including how people who own a PS4 will be able to participate in the free Beta Test.

Final Fantasy XIV will soon receive a new expansion, more properly in June called Stormblood, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game(MMORPG) that invites you to explore the realm of Eorzea with friends from around the world. More and more gamers are prone to buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil at U4GM.

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