Detail FIFA defend crosses with photo

You charge to accept your ambassador settings set to airballs for autoswitching on defending. Make sure to check our video on defending crosses and corners. All the points are described below but obviously helps to watch the video explaining in detail showing lots of footage.

FIFA15 stop cross 1

FIFA stop cross 2

FIFA stop cross 3

First off try to stop the cross! Amateur 3 is active appear the brawl as amateur 4 runs down the wing. He will aggregate the brawl and afresh try to put the brawl advanced of amateur 4. So the best affair to do with humans who adulation bridge is put a amateur in the amplitude advanced down the addition to block access.

We are controlling player 1 so to manually change to the defender number 2 we need to flick the right stick in that direction. Once we have control of player 2 we run him towards the corner flag filling that space. Then your opponent won’t try the through ball to the winger but might pass it to him. So you will end up with a player in front of him. Usually they will then cut inside so you change to the player inside by again flicking right stick towards him. If he still tries to run down the wing hold 2nd man press so your defender nearest corner flag jockeys him. If he cuts inside you now have control of the player to break down the play or next pass.

If your opponent does manage to get the cross in here is how to win the header!

FIFA cross header win 1

FIFA cross header win 2

FIFA cross header win 3

STEP 1. Make sure controlling a player away from the area. Best one is closest to the crosser. If you think they are going to fake and cut inside hold 2nd man press and switch to the next closest player. Only do this if your defender inside does not have a striker to mark. So in the example above he has a man to mark and you should not switch to him.

STEP 2. When brawl getting beyond don’t columnist annihilation until the brawl is dipping appear the two players. Afresh columnist the larboard stick the aforementioned administration the brawl is traveling in abroad from the crosser and columnist shoot (don’t just tap it). IN the archetype aloft you would authority larboard stick up. Your apostle will try to flick the brawl abaft him jumping into the striker. If added amplitude he will just bright it out of the box.